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EMDR and AEDP therapy modalities

What are they and why use them?

I primarily use EMDR, AEDP and many other tools and modalities to support the people I work with in transforming their trauma at a quicker pace than traditional talk therapy.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is a type of therapy that was initially created for working with trauma, but has since been found to be helpful with most issues brought to therapy. EMDR uses something called bi-lateral stimulation which entails lights, music, soft vibrating mallets or tapping to stimulate the right then left sides of the brain in sequence. Doing so helps speed up processing of emotions, content, etc. and regulate the nervous system. After connecting to bilateral stimulation and strengthening feelings of safety and security within the body, I guide clients into the pain of their experiences, the fear of feeling the pain of their experiences and the blocks that get in the way of allowing them to release the trauma or emotions from their bodies. Processing the stuck emotions or trauma out of the body allows us to create new truths for ourselves like "I am strong and I survived" or "I can be safe in relation to others". EMDR cannot be used on clients without their consent or awareness because it looks a bit different from traditional talk therapy. This modality is not for everyone and is something that requires some prep work.

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Processing (AEDP) is a form of somatic talk therapy that slows down processing to speed up healing. AEDP is a mix of somatic methods, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory and and emotion theory that helps move through difficult and stuck emotions. 

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