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About me

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah I have extensive experience, both personally and professionally, working with various forms of systemic oppression. I work with LGBTQIA+, kink and poly communities as well as all kinds of trauma (particularly religious trauma), psychedelic integration, and building emotional capacity. I am trained in EMDR, AEDP, CRM and DNMS and view things from systemic, somatic and attachment lenses.  Creative, intentional relationships and healing developmental trauma are particularly near and dear to me.

My approach in therapy is to build safe and trusting relationships that helps us get to the root of issues. We are complex beings and we each have a unique route toward healing and growth. I want to help you find yours. I help the people I work with connect to and make room for what is going on inside them. Together we transform internal systems and external systems 

I'm a Gemini, a Human design enthusiast, a conceptual and practical artist, a social justice advocate, a psychedelics worker, a nature-lover, a neuroscience nerd, a survivor, a healer and a recovering perfectionist. All of what I do and who I am informs my therapy. I am equally invested in my own life, fulfillment and healing as I am in the lives, fulfillment and healing of the people I work with. The more we fill and expand ourselves and our lives, the more we have to offer others. 

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